Hello, I am Dr. Chris Hageseth. I created The Kindness Dialogue to provide a simple way to restore kindness to troubled relationships;    
whether the relationship be between spouses, partners, siblings, friends, or parents and children.
Troubled feelings may may be the result of illness. financial stress, previous psychological or physical trauma,
death of a loved one, or perhaps devastating life events such as infidelity.

The Kindness Dialogue requires that both persons be willing to temporarily set aside troubling issues in order to understand one another in a new way based on the nature of their personality types. I use a personality evaluation tool called the Enneagram. It has proven to be very helpful for starting the structured dialogue from a new perspective that is essential for a new way of relating.  

To learn more about the Enneagram, go to 


1. Meet with Dr. Hageseth - in person or virtually.
Discuss the troubling issues to see if you want to proceed.
2. If yes, both take the Enneagram Type questionaire and Dr.Hageseth will review the results when finished.
4. Then both persons agree to set aside the current troubling matters and come to the formal Kindness Dialogue Meeting.

1. Anger, cursing, loud talk is prohibited.
2. To start, each person will say five positive
things about each other.
3. Then Dr. Hageseth will go over their
Enneagram Type descriptions step by step

A retired psychiatrist, I have had Parkinson's disease for nineteen years and I'm happy to report that I'm not yet disabled; not yet in need of a caregiver. From 2012 until 2020, I directed our community-based support group for Persons with Parkinson's Disease (PWPs).

Prior to Parkinson's I had a rich and varied, forty-year medical career, I have worn a wide variety of medical hats. After finishing medical school and a one-year internship in Pediatrics, I volunteered to become a Navy Flight Surgeon. At the height of the Vietnam War, I spent the majority of my time with a Marine All-Weather Attack Squadron, VMA (AW) 224. My remaining time was spent with Navy squadrons VAQ 131 and 132. Upon leaving the military, I went on to be a general practitioner (four years), an emergency room physician (four years), and finally took a Residency in Southern California to become a board-certified psychiatrist for twenty-five years. Over the decades, I have also made several brief medical mission trips to Third-World countries including Honduras, Guatemala, and Uganda.

While my life and career have been fulfilling and meaningful, I still hear an inner voice:  You're not through with your life's work yet. That's why I'm here. I want to make a difference in the lives of everyday people who are in relationships that may need a tune-up or some minor body work.

A board-certified psychiatrist, I retired from psychiatry fifteen years ago for a number of personal and medical reasons. That means, I no longer diagnose or manage the care of people with mental disorders. But I still have the empathetic communication skills I practiced while providing psychotherapy. The Kindness Dialogue is designed to be an educational process rather than a form of psychotherapy. 

I use a personality test called The Enneagram to initiate the educational program. It is not a test commonly used by psychologists. You can learn about it at

I do not have a set fee for my services; preferring instead to negotiate my fee at the end of the first visit which is complimentary. I will invest about four hours of my time total and consider $300. to be a fair charged. But you know your ability to pay and thus my fee is negotiable.  

Practicing Psychiatry can be damn depressing business. So in the eighties and nineties, to live a more balanced life, I developed an interest in the medical benefits of positive humor. For more than a decade, I was a nationally sought-after author and professional speaker. My latest book on humor is available on Amazon.

(I have reduced the price to the lowest Amazon would allow.)