Hello, and welcome. I'm Dr. Chris Hageseth, The Kindness Doc. I created The Couples Kindness Training to provide a way for couples to refresh, restore, and reinvigorate their relationship; one that has lasted a significant length of time or one that's just getting started..

Your relationship may be relatively new, or it may be decades old. It may be personal or it may be professional. But what's important, is that you are open to understanding one another more deeply. You do this to make a good relationship even better. Unlike therapy which starts by asking what the problem is, Couples Kindness Coaching requires only a simple openness and a willingness to understand each other in a new and different way. This is accomplished by following a structured dialogue based on the results of a personality test called the Enneagram. You both will need to take the test and then follow our instructional video to learn  how to proceed. Almost everyone who goes through the program is astounded at what they learn about themselves and each other.

I have included enough basic information here on my website that you can complete the dialogue without necessarily needing input from someone experienced in the Enneagram. But is case you would like to understand yourselves more deeply, please contact me.

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